Cinema Smack is an upstart website dedicated to all things film and television. It is the home to editorials, In Theater Reviews, In Case You Missed It, Best and Worst, and State of the Franchise.

Jeremie Sabourin is the founder and editor for Cinema Smack. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies.

Jeremie’s top 10 favorite films include:

  1. Back to the Future
  2. Inception
  3. La La Land
  4. The Crow
  5. Fight Club
  6. Batman Begins
  7. Beetlejuice
  8. The Big Lebowski
  9. Birdman
  10. The Wrestler

Wendy Kujo is the newest and youngest contributor to Cinema Smack and here to rival most of what Jeremie says – kidding. Well, kinda. Wendy graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, and is currently pursuing two Associate Degrees in E-Production and Television and Video Production.

10 movies that Wendy loves and could literally watch over and over again (not in any particular order) are:

• Back to the Future
• Forrest Gump
• Walk Hard
• Jurassic Park
• The Prestige
• This is the End
• Toy Story 3
• Gladiator
• Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
• Oldboy (dir. Chan-wook Park)

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