Best & Worst: A Nightmare on Elm Street

It’s Halloween! That means it’s time to rank all of the films in one of the most popular horror franchises of all time in A Nightmare on Elm Street! *Spoilers Ahead*

Twin Peaks: The Return Wrap-Up

Twin Peaks: The Return is a brief and joyless visit through the titular Washington town despite a bloated 18 hour runtime. *Minor Spoilers Ahead*

Game of Thrones Season 7 Wrap-Up

On Sunday night, the abbreviated seventh season of HBO’s wildly popular fantasy series, Game of Thrones, wrapped up. Is the show past its prime or is flying as high as ever ahead of its final hurrah with Season 8? *Minor Spoilers Ahead*

Best & Worst: Planet of the Apes

With the release of War for the Planet of the Apes a few days away, let’s rank the rest of the films in the franchise in this installment of Cinema Smack’s Best & Worst!

Orange is the New Black Season 5 Wrap-Up

Two weeks ago, Orange is the New Black Season 5 premiered on Netflix. Does the prison dramedy continue its reign at the top or is it the beginning of the end for the women of Litchfield Penitentiary? *Minor Spoilers Ahead*

Farewell, Daniel Day-Lewis: A Career Retrospective

On June 20th, Leslee Dart, the spokeswoman for Daniel Day-Lewis, announced the actor’s retirement following the completion of his final film. Here, we honor the only three time Academy Award winner for Best Actor with a look back on his sterling career.

Better Call Saul Season 3 Wrap-Up

The third season of Better Call Saul wrapped up on Monday night and it continues to be an underrated, overachieving gem for AMC. *Minor Spoilers Ahead*

House of Cards Season 5 Wrap-Up

One of the greatest television shows in recent history had its fifth season drop on Netflix about two weeks ago. Does House of Cards Season 5 continue the series’ trend of being a must-watch or is it sliding downward? *Minor Spoilers Ahead*

Gotham Season 3 Wrap-Up

The two episode season finale of Gotham aired on Monday night which, of course, means that it’s time to talk about it. Was anything we said in our Season 2 wrap-up addressed in this new season? *Spoilers Ahead*