Brimstone Trailer Released

There’s no doubt that westerns have certainly made a comeback. Recently, 2016’s Hell or High Water was announced as a nominee for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. Back in 2011, True Grit was nominated and, in 2008, No Country for Old Men actually won the prestigious award. We also can’t forget about acclaimed films such as 3:10 to Yuma, The Revenantand The Hateful Eight which have all been released within the past decade. After viewing the trailer for Brimstone, the most recent western to be released, it looks as if the positive trend may continue.

The plot follows a young woman, Liz (Dakota Fanning), who’s wrongly accused of a crime by the new Reverend, played by Guy Pearce. She must then fear for herself and her family. The trailer dishes up a satisfying mix of style, drama, and even thrills. Guy Pearce’s monologue over the action in the trailer is definitely eerie. The film looks as if it may actually dabble with a number of horror elements.

The main cast is pretty solid with Carice Van Houten and Kit Harrington of Game of Thrones game joining Fanning and Pearce. The film is directed by Martin Koolhoven whose last film, Winter in Wartime, was released in 2008. Brimstone premiered at the Venice Film Festival back in September but is only seeing a limited release in the US starting March 10th. This is all somewhat reminiscent to the critically acclaimed western, Bone Tomahawk, which had a similar horror/western style and a limited theater release.

Check out the trailer and comment below.

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