Blair Witch Trailer Released

Does anyone else think that this movie had more going for it when it was known merely as The Woods? Seriously. Blair Witch just doesn’t seem nearly as interesting as it once did.

Sure, the positive blurbs that pop up throughout the trailer are a nice touch but, other than that, this film doesn’t have the flair it once did. When we knew nothing about it, it was quite intriguing. Then, when the actual title of Blair Witch was released, the marketing scheme changed to center around that instead. This seemed to cheapen the overall appeal of the movie a tad.

Apparently, Blair Witch is a direct sequel to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. In this new installment, a group of college students set out to find Heather (the lead character from the original film) who is a sister to one of the students. Just like with the new Rings trailer, many of the scares borrow from the source material as well.

It should be addressed that there are some early reviews for Blair Witch out already. In fact, they’ve been quite good. Even reputable horror website, Bloody-Disgusting, gave the film a great review. For the sake of horror fans and moviegoers in general, we can only hope that these reviews become the norm for this film.

There’s no reason to hope that this movie fails but the filmmakers and Lionsgate have definitely painted themselves into a corner. Blair Witch may truly live or die by its name alone. The original film is definitely a love or hate subject with viewers and that could reflect at the box office.

Regardless, whether you love or hate The Blair Witch Project, this new film now has name recognition if nothing else. It’s still intriguing, especially after the solid reviews, but it just seems slightly less than it was as The Woods. Check out the new trailer and comment below.



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