Flatliners Trailer #2 Released

While we already covered a potential Oscar-bait film today, it’s time to look at something a little more thrilling. After all, Halloween is right around the corner. Somehow, we missed an opportunity to talk about the upcoming science fiction horror/thriller Flatliners when its first trailer was released a while back. We aren’t going to miss it this time as the second trailer for the film dropped earlier today.

The film is actually a sequel to the 1990 Joel Schumacher film of the same name. Five medical students take turns stopping their hearts for a short amount of time to trigger near death experiences. Each student seeks to surpass the previous experience by lengthening the amount of time that their heart is stopped. At first, the experiences are exhilarating but soon the students begin to see and feel nightmarish things in the real world.

One thing that’s a bit odd in this second trailer for the film is that it seems more like a teaser. The first trailer for Flatliners revealed the story while this new one focuses on visuals. It just feels like they should’ve been released in reverse order. Either way, the film looks intriguing to say the least. Sure, it’s not an original idea but, if done properly, it could definitely be a sleeper hit. The film stars Ellen Page and Diego Luna with Kiefer Sutherland reprising his role from the original film.

Flatliners is set for release on September 29th. Check out both trailers for the film and comment below.

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