It Comes at Night Trailer Released

We’ve said it in the past but production company A24 has been nothing but consistent with their films. From films like Ex Machina and Room to one of Cinema Smack’s favorites of 2016, The Monster, and all the way to this year’s Best Picture winner, Moonlight, A24 has been pumping out quality. They also seem to have an affinity for smart horror films. They showed this with some of their past films and they’re showing it once again in the first trailer for It Comes at Night.

The film stars Joel Edgerton as a man who establishes a domestic order with his wife and son within their cabin. The family’s agreement keeps them safe from the unknown horrors of the outside world. Things are thrown into disarray when a young family arrives seeking refuge. The man takes the other family in as long as they abide by his rules. Of course, things do not go to plan as the outside threat closes in on the cabin.

From the look of the first trailer, It Comes at Night looks suspenseful and very good in general. The trailer is actually quite reminiscent of a combination of A24’s previous horror films, The Witch and The Monster. Joel Edgerton is a solid actor, despite an overall lack of flash. In this film, he seems like a man torn by his decisions. Kelvin Harrison Jr., Carmen Ejogo, Christopher Abbott, and Riley Keough round out the rest of the main cast.

It Comes at Night opens in theaters on June 9th. Check out the first trailer and comment below.

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