Jason Bourne Trailer Released

Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne in… Jason Bourne in 2016.

Looks like Universal Pictures is taking a page out of Sylvester Stallone’s book in terms of bad sequel titles. Yes, just how the last film in the Rocky series was titled Rocky Balboa instead of Rocky VI and how Rambo (the fourth one) was originally going to be called John Rambo, the new Bourne film has officially been titled Jason Bourne. This is probably to differentiate the new film from the previous Bourne film that starred Jeremy Renner as opposed to Matt Damon but still. The other four films in the series had similar titles so why are you changing it now? If anything, The Bourne Legacy should’ve been named differently especially since it had nothing to do with the novel of the same name.

Regardless, the trailer for Jason Bourne dropped today and, well… it looks like a Bourne movie. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but all of the previous films just kind of blur together after a while. It’s nice that Matt Damon is back to play the title character at least. Paul Greengrass and his shaky camera are back to direct this new installment as well.

In the new film, it seems that Jason Bourne has re-emerged into the CIA’s spotlight after disappearing following the events of The Bourne Ultimatum and he claims to have gotten his memory back (finally). Julia Stiles has also re-emerged from whatever rock she has been hiding under to play Nicky once again. Sseriously… has anyone seen her in anything since the last Damon-led Bourne film? Tommy Lee Jones and 2016’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Alicia Vikander will also star in the film.

In all honesty, the Bourne films have always been solid action movies and a new one isn’t the worst thing that Universal could pump out. It has been almost ten years since we last saw Damon in the lead role and, after an excellent turn as Mark Watney in The Martian, it’s good to see him back. Jason Bourne will hit theaters on July 29th. Check out the new trailer and comment below.

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