Rob Zombie’s 31 Trailer Released

Well, it’s that time again, folks. Rob Zombie’s new film, 31, has gotten its first trailer today and, as per usual, it looks pretty interesting. However, it also looks like the typical Zombie fare. Yes, Rob. We still see you there. Don’t worry. No one else is going to steal your “style.”

Every time Zombie comes out with a new film, you can’t help but get a tad bit interested. Then, when you see the final product, you realize that you made a huge mistake when you got interested. It’s bewildering how he is always able to generate that response.

The plot centers around five people who are kidnapped and forced to play a game called “31.” Their goal is to survive their psychotic captors for 12 hours. The film looks ugly, gory, and disturbing which is nothing new for a Rob Zombie film.

If there’s anything that makes 31 stand out a little more than previous Zombie films, it’s that it looks a lot like The Devil’s Rejects. The tone, cinematography, and characters are all reminiscent of Zombie’s (arguably) best film.

The biggest problem with Zombie’s work has nothing to do with the gritty aesthetics of his films, it has everything to do with his screenplays. His camerawork and techniques are great and they’re even quite beautiful in a film like, The Lords of Salem. However, it’s his screenwriting that has been atrocious at times. Zombie writes all of his own scripts and he doesn’t always seem to have a grasp on how to write a cohesive story.

Either way, Rob Zombie’s 31 is still intriguing. If nothing else, you’ll always get something different with Zombie’s films than what most horror films tend to offer. Also, for fans of his work, you’ll notice a plethora of actors from Zombie’s past films starring in this one. 31 hits theaters on September 16th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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