Wonder Woman Final Trailer Released

The second teaser for Stephen King’s It wasn’t the only thing worthwhile to come out of tonight’s MTV Movie and TV Awards. The final trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman also was released.

With less than a month before the film comes out, DC Comics has certainly been pumping a lot of money into marketing. They did the same thing with both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad as well. For the most part, Wonder Woman mostly seemed to be headed in the right direction. That is… until tonight.

This final trailer simply featured way too much action. What’s even scarier about it is that all of the action appears to be from different scenes. As of now, IMDb has a runtime of 141 minutes listed. Between the origin of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), her meeting Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), acclimating to new surroundings, fighting in World War I, and battling her villains, it certainly seems to be a bloated plot. Even for 141 minutes, that’s a lot of material to cover.

On top of that, the villain, Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya) was given more time to shine after serving as a mere cameo prior to this trailer. However, you can’t forget that, before this trailer, Danny Huston’s General Erich Ludendorff appeared to be taking the reins as the main antagonist. Ultimately, this film is starting to feel like a gigantic mess simply judging on the amount of “stuff” in it. On top of that, the usage of “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons just brings up bad memories of Suicide Squad incessantly using popular music for a cheap pop.

Soon enough, all questions will be answered. We’re less than a month away from the June 2nd release date of Wonder Woman. Check out the final trailer for the film and comment below.

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