Annabelle: Creation Trailer Released

Why is it that Hollywood has to squeeze every last piece of creativity and uniqueness of every single successful idea? With the release of the first full length Annabelle: Creation trailer, Warner Bros. also brought to light that they have been establishing a universe for The Conjuring.

2013 saw the release of The Conjuring. Directed by James Wan, the film was, surprisingly, very good. It was obviously influenced by films like The Exorcist but still felt original enough to be its own entity. Even a sequel was released just last year which was also pretty solid. In 2014, though, Annabelle was released to less than stellar reviews. It focused on the Annabelle doll from The Conjuring but, instead of following the story told about the doll in that film, it went in a completely different direction. Frankly, it was trash.

Now, we’re set to get a new film based on the possessed doll. Just like the Ouija series, a new director has been brought on to fix the spin-off with a new origin story. Annabelle: Creation sees David F. Sandberg, director of last year’s Lights Out, in the director’s chair. This first trailer shows how and why the doll came to be possessed. Though, we’re still not going to get a film based on the story in The Conjuring. However, this new film, while a bit uninspired, already looks better than the first spin-off.

While it’s safe to temper expectations, for this film as well as The Conjuring universe, it may be worth checking out upon its release. Annabelle: Creation comes out on August 11th and stars Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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