Assassin’s Creed Trailer Released

As hard as it is to get excited for a movie based off a video game due to past failures (i.e. Resident Evil, Max Payne, Super Mario Bros.), this first Assassin’s Creed trailer actually brings the goods.

Do you know what the best part about it is? The filmmakers actually captured the feel of the Assassin’s Creed video games in the trailer! As obvious as that statement is and as much of a no-brainer it should be for an adaptation to be faithful to the source material, it’s very rare that this is the case.

In the film, Cinema Smack’s man-crush Michael Fassbender takes on the role of Callum Lynch who is abducted by Abstergo Industries. Lynch is forced to relive the memories of his assassin ancestor from the Spanish Inquisition, Aguilar. Fans of the series will know that this is a completely new protagonist and assassin counterpart. Although that is a major change, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker as the games tend to focus much more on the assassins than the real world characters. At the moment, this film seems to be more of an expansion of the Assassin’s Creed universe than a direct adaptation.

While there may be some concern with the changes, there should be nothing but satisfaction with the cast. Along with the ever-amazing Fassbender in the lead, Brendan Gleeson and Academy Award winners Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons round out the main cast. These four names alone make the film worth seeing.

Video game to film adaptations have not been done justice in the past but Assassin’s Creed should make a strong case to flip the script. If you’re a fan of the games, the trailer should be able instill some faith in this adaptation. Michael Fassbender as Aguilar runs, jumps, fights, and parkours his way through the trailer as only an assassin should. This film has the potential to be a sleeper hit later this year. It’s just too bad that we’ll all have to wait until December to see the finished product. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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