Black Panther Teaser Released

Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full effect and the comic book giant is still on top. Last year’s Doctor Strange and, most recently Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continued the upward trend for superhero films. Of course, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok are also on the horizon. However, a few days ago, we got our first look at 2018’s first Marvel film, Black Panther.

The character was first introduced in the MCU last May in Captain America: Civil War. Chadwick Boseman was simply awesome as the superhero from Wakanda as he sought revenge for his father’s death. Next year, Boseman will be the star of his own film and, in typical Marvel fashion, the first teaser is pretty fantastic.

Black Panther will see the character return to Wakanda. Factions within the country unite to bring down the kingdom. T’Challa AKA Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) and Wakandan special forces to prevent an all-out war. In addition to some action, we get glimpses of Michael B. Jordan as the film’s potential villain and Andy Serkis reprising his role from Avengers: Age of Ultron. After an impressive debut in Civil WarBlack Panther should definitely have a lot of hype behind it. It has a great cast and an upcoming director in Ryan Coogler who also directed Fruitvale Station and Creed.

The film opens in theaters on February 16th, 2018. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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