Captain Fantastic Trailer Released

IMDb drops an exclusive trailer for non-superhero film, Captain Fantastic.

By the title, Captain Fantastic, you would think that this is either a superhero film or something based on the Elton John album. Instead, the film is about a father, played by Viggo Mortensen, raising his six children in what appears to be a commune type lifestyle.

At first glance, everything seems a bit odd with the trailer. Finger-picked guitar songs play as the father, Ben, explains that his wife and mother of his children needs to be in the hospital. What ensues is a trip into modern civilization and a scolding from Frank Langella and Steve Zahn. As all of this is going on, adjectives such as “funny” and “heartwarming” flash on the screen.

This film may very well be those things but the trailer makes Ben and his family seem more strange than characters that viewers are supposed to sympathize with. Sure, the majority of people do not live the type of lifestyle that they do but the things that they say in the trailer are just kind of weird, for lack of a better word. Take out the background music and this could be seen as an entirely different movie. Put some tense music in there if you really want to be creeped out.

Either way, the movie still looks intriguing and has received favorable reviews from its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It was directed by Matt Ross (AKA the guy who played Luis Carruthers in American Pscyho). On second thought, maybe there is a reason for the trailer being this way..

Captain Fantastic hits theaters on July 8th. Watch the trailer and comment below.

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