[Cargo] Trailer Released

Sometimes you just need to take a break from bloated, big budget Hollywood blockbusters. What many people tend to forget is that there are countless independent filmmakers out there trying to make their mark on the industry as well. Yesterday, we received a new trailer for the indie film, [Cargo], directed by James Dylan.

[Cargo] stars Ron Thompson (American Pop, The White Buffalo, American Me) as Anthony Peterson. Peterson is kidnapped and held hostage in a metal shipping container with only a cell phone. His kidnapper gives him 24 hours to raise a $10 million ransom and save himself.

From the look of the trailer, [Cargo] feels like a mix between the Saw franchise and Steven Knight’s 2013 film, Locke. The camera movements and sinister plot is somewhat reminiscent of Saw while the one man movie feel is like Locke. In the latter film, Tom Hardy spent the film’s runtime on his phone driving in his car. It actually worked very well and James Dylan’s new film may do the same. Also, the soundtrack for this film was created by Thorsten Quaeschning, from the German electronic group, Tangerine Dream.

Currently, the film is finishing up post production. Its soundtrack set for release from Invisible Hands Music later this month and a novelization of the film will be released in 2018 by Bloodhound Books.

Stay tuned for more information on [Cargo] as we get it. Check out the trailer and comment below.

[Cargo] Film Trailer from James Dylan on Vimeo.

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