Complete Unknown Trailer Released

In the majority of cases, a movie trailer is a good way to hype a movie. Trailers generate buzz and show viewers why they should care about a particular film. In this new trailer for Joshua Marston’s Complete Unknown, unfortunately, we don’t really get any of that.

Now, this isn’t to say that the movie itself doesn’t look interesting. It’s just that the trailer has a very strange flow to it and it feels like a brief, unexplained summary of events from the film.

In Complete Unknown, a woman by the name of Alice (Rachel Weisz) resurfaces at a dinner party and catches the attention of Tom (Michael Shannon). Apparently, Alice frequently changes identities and had previously disappeared on him at some point in the past.

The plot does indeed sound interesting and there’s a story to be told there. It’s just that the trailer has little in the way of excitement, suspense, romance, and emotion. It’s hard to figure out what the movie is supposed to be other than a drama. Although, there is a bit of a Gone Girl vibe to it.

Luckily, Complete Unknown has a solid main cast including Weisz, the up-and-down Shannon, Danny Glover, and Kathy Bates so, even with the offbeat trailer, the cast and subject matter does provide hope. Complete Unknown opens in theaters on August 26th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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