R.I.P. Kenny Baker (1934-2016)

With all of the positive news regarding the Star Wars franchise recently, we have finally received some negative. Kenny Baker, best known as R2-D2, died Saturday, August 13th after a long illness.

Baker played the iconic droid in six of the seven Star Wars films. He served as a consultant on The Force Awakens instead with Jimmy Vee succeeding him in the role. He was invited to the film’s premiere in Los Angeles but was unable to make it due to his illness. However, Baker did attend the European premiere in London.

Standing at 3’8″, Baker began his career as a circus performer and comic actor before landing the role as R2-D2. Other than his work in the Star Wars series, he also had roles in The Elephant Man, Time Bandits, and Labyrinth.

While he will certainly be missed in the Star Wars community, the character of R2-D2 will live on and assume to have a bigger role in the upcoming Episode VIII. As fans, we can only hope that the upcoming portrayal will remain true to the character and will serve as a tribute to the man himself. All respects go to Kenny Baker’s family and friends.

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