Parts Unknown Trailer Released

As most of you already know, we love the horror genre here at Cinema Smack. In addition, professional wrestling has always been a lifelong fascination as well. After all, we’ve done Wrestlemania Recaps the past two years and, with Wrestlemania 34 less than a month away, there will most certainly be another one. That being said, there’s nothing quite like seeing the two smashed together into one product. This is exactly the case in the trailer for Richard Chandler’s independent wrestling/horror film, Parts Unknown.

For those who may not be wrestling fans, the title of the film comes from the home of some of wrestling’s most enigmatic characters. As wrestlers like Papa Shango, the Ultimate Warrior, and the tag team Demolition would make their way to the ring, the ring announcer (usually Howard Finkel in those days) would introduce them being from “parts unknown.” In the case of Chandler’s film, it’s an awesome horror title with ties to the wrestling world.

Written, produced, and directed by Boston Film Family CEO Richard Chandler, the film covers the infamous Von Strasser wrestling family as they seek to reclaim their status via supernatural means after they’re blackballed from the industry. Retired professional wrestler William DeCoff stars along with wrestling manager Lizzie Havoc and Boston Film Family alumni, Alexandra Cipollo, Alexander Hauck, and Sarah Michelle. In addition, indie tag team, The Devil’s Doormen, and YouTuber Brian Zane of Wrestling With Wregret have cameos in the film. Even WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts provides his voice for Parts Unknown.

It should be mentioned that this trailer is NSFW as it includes some language and gore. The look and feel of the film definitely hearkens back to B-movies from the 1980’s and it’s all the better for it. With its flashy colors and grainy aesthetic, it embodies the showmanship of pro wrestling and the exploitative nature of classic B-movies. That being said, Chandler himself has stated, “As over-the-top as Parts Unknown is, it still addresses the personal, political, and business pressures that lead to some of the movie’s crazier moments.” The world of pro wrestling is a tough business and it seems as if Chandler’s goal isn’t just to abuse or make fun.

Parts Unknown is set to have its world premiere on June 9th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

Parts Unknown Trailer from Boston Film Family on Vimeo.

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