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It’s no secret that we love horror here at Cinema Smack. Yet, there’s something quite unfulfilling about modern day horror. So many theatrically released films rip off the past or just can’t seem to get out of their own way to make for an entertaining experience. However, there are a lot of fantastic horror films coming out of other countries. The French-Belgian film, Raw, looks to continue that trend.

Raw, formerly known as Grave, made the rounds through international film festivals in 2016 and is finally set for a theatrical release this year. Julia Ducournau directs the visceral coming-of-age story of a vegetarian who’s put through a hazing ritual at a veterinary school. Following the ritual, she develops a taste for “meat.”

The new trailer is reminiscent to Carrie in a few spots. It also appears to maintain the cerebral nature of other foreign horror films like Goodnight Mommy and the gore of something like Inside. It also seems to have some similarities to Nicolas Winding Refn’s work (i.e. The Neon Demon).

While horror in the United States has largely been based on remakes and sequels, foreign films have boasted originality. Raw has already been said to be quite graphic to the point of vomiting and fainting from viewers. While this may be no more than a marketing ploy, it adds to the aura and intrigue behind the film.

Raw hits theaters (most likely on a limited basis) in the US on March 10th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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