Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #3

Well, we’re back on board… sort of. After the release of the second trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, we were a bit skeptical of the direction of the film. It seemed a bit too Avengers-heavy instead of focusing on establishing the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland. The newest trailer for Homecoming was released today and it’s back to spotlighting Spider-Man and his abilities.

Of course, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) plays a big role in the film as he provides Peter Parker with the Stark-made Spider-Man suit. The trailer also focuses on Peter’s disheartened feelings towards not being included in the Avengers’ plans. As Peter goes around busting up petty crimes, a legitimate foe emerges in Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

Where the second trailer felt like it threw a lot at the audience, this new one better juggles all of the plot points. This Spider-Man was already introduced in Captain America: Civil War so the fallout from that film understandably has to be included. Though, after sitting through two previous incarnations of the webslinger, Holland needs a chance to fully establish himself as the person to give fans the best Spider-Man possible. Playing second fiddle to Tony Stark and the Avengers’ storyline may not wind up giving him the best chance.

Regardless, the new trailer did feel like it was more about Peter Parker/Spider-Man than about the Avengers this time around. It does appear that there will be some kind of showdown in Washington D.C. compared to Spidey’s stomping grounds in New York City though. Like we’ve said before, Homecoming will most likely feature everything people have come to know and love from Marvel. Here’s hoping that they’ll finally get the character right and not go too big too soon.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters on July 7th. Check out the new trailer and comment below.

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