Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer Released

The new trailer for Suicide Squad hit the web last night following the MTV Movie Awards. What direction is DC going to end up taking with this movie? 

On the surface, Suicide Squad is starting to look more and more like a fun mashup type of movie. The announcement of re-shoots taking place in attempts to supposedly lighten up the tone of the film would also seem to further enforce this despite director David Ayer claiming that this not be the case.

Ultimately, DC really needs to figure out what they want their cinematic universe to be. They went the dark and serious route with Batman v Superman and it seems to have backfired with the general audience. Initially, it seemed like they were going to do the same with Suicide Squad but the last two trailers that have been released have included the songs “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “The Ballroom Blitz” by Queen and The Sweet respectively (fun fact: both of these songs were also featured in Wayne’s World). The songs seem to carry a goofy overall tone to them when being featured alongside all of Harley Quinn’s quips and Will Smith being Will Smith.

This isn’t to say that Suicide Squad won’t be a good film. It has plenty of star power and it is truly nice to see a live adaptation of Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie who has been the highlight of every trailer. Then there is Jared Leto’s Joker. As we all know, his new look is quite polarizing among fans. Other than the look, the brief snippets of Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime have been quite entertaining. For those of us who hate his new look, he’ll have to knock it out of the park with his performance and, so far, he is on the right trajectory. It was also a surprise to see so many clips of Batman in this new trailer which may further enforce the rumor that there is more Batman than is expected in this film.

So what do you guys think? What is DC’s goal with Suicide Squad? Are they going to change their original plan to incorporate more humor due to the poor response to Batman v Superman? If Suicide Squad opens to rave reviews, will they fast track a standalone Batman film featuring The Joker/Harley Quinn/Killer Croc/Deadshot (or any combination of these villains)? All questions will be answered on August 5th, 2016 when Suicide Squad opens in theaters. Check out the new “blitz trailer” below.

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