The Monster Trailer Released

It’s about time that we’re able to talk about a new horror film in the month of October. 2016 has been pretty lax with new films in time for Halloween. With Rings, the long awaited followup in The Ring series, being pushed back to February 2017, Rob Zombie’s 31 and Ouija: Origin of Evil are the only two horror films slated for a wide theater release before the holiday. That being said, there’s a lesser known film being released on November 11th simply titled The Monster.

Written/directed by Bryan Bertino, who helmed The Strangers, the premise for The Monster is simple enough. A car breaks down on a deserted road and a woman and her daughter must survive a monster. Essentially, this is horror at its most basic level which, surprisingly, is unique. Too many horror films these days try to do too much with their plot.

Another early positive of this film is that the cast consists of only six people. One of which happens to be credited as “monster” on IMDb. Yes, there is an actual actor cast to be the monster in a horror film in 2016. This is becoming a rarity in all film genres these days as CGI is the norm for creating any type of creatures. There really is nothing like a real tangible monster as opposed to CGI.

Again, The Monster is set for release on November 11th with Zoe Kazan and Emma Ballentine starring. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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