War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer #2 Released

The newest installment of the Planet of the Apes franchise continues to look better and better. Today, the newest trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes has been released.

After two successful outings since the franchise’s reboot in 2011, the ball continues to roll. Andy Serkis returns as the chimpanzee, Caesar. The apes suffer some huge blows, including an apparent turncoat among their ranks, and Caesar sets out on his own quest for vengeance. This time around, Caesar is up against a ruthless Colonel (Woody Harrelson) who seeks to eliminate the apes once and for all.

The first two films of the rebooted series had ups and downs but War for the Planet of the Apes seems to be the darkest installment yet. In the previous trailer, a poignant scene showing the Colonel with an ape kneeling execution style in front of him was one of the highlights. In the new trailer, we see more interaction between the Colonel and Caesar. There certainly seems to be a level of hatred between the two even in the brief clips we’ve seen.

These new Planet of the Apes films have reinvigorated the series and are some of the smarter big budget action films in recent years. They’re not full of mindless fight scenes between unrecognizable characters or CGI-fests. The effects used for the apes have been extremely well done and there’s actually a riveting story beneath the battle between the species. This new film looks as if it will continue that trend.

War for the Planet of the Apes opens on July 14th. Check out the new trailer and comment below.

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