Wind River Trailer Released

We’ve mentioned this a time or two but, here at Cinema Smack, we love thrillers. There’s just something tense and emotional about good ones that makes them a treat to watch. Most recently, the trailer for Wind River dropped and it definitely has potential.

Firstly, it’s written by Taylor Sheridan. He wrote the underrated Sicario as well as receiving an Oscar nomination for last year’s Hell or High Water. For those who may not remember, the latter film ended up on our Best of 2016 list at #7. This time around, though, Sheridan also claims the director’s chair. If Wind River is even half as good as either of the previous two films, it will be worth a watch at the very least.

In the film, a young FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) teams up with a veteran game tracker (Jeremy Renner) for a murder investigation on a Native American reservation. From the look of the trailer, it feels a bit like 2010’s Jennifer Lawrence breakout, Winter’s Bone. While both Olsen and Renner have proved their merit in the past, they’re a somewhat uninspired duo. Renner usually works better as a supporting character and Olsen looks a bit too young for the role. Though, with some solid performances, both cases can easily be overlooked. Also, the trailer alludes to quite a bit of action that, at this point, takes away from the mystery of the story. Regardless, the film does look appealing.

Wind River is set for release on August 4th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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