Yoga Hosers Trailer Released

It has been a bit quiet on the trailer front recently and the new Yoga Hosers one isn’t likely to make up for it. 

Wow. Kevin Smith, what happened to you? Smith’s films are an acquired taste for some but at least there was usually enough witty dialogue to keep people somewhat interested. The trailer for his new film, Yoga Hosers, just looks… awful.

For those of you who don’t know anything about this film, basically it’s Smith’s way to let his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, star in a movie together. Unfortunately, Johnny Depp is along for the ride as Guy Lapointe, a man-hunter who helps two female yoga enthusiasts battle a sausage army called the Bratzis. Yeah… Nazi sausages.

If this doesn’t sound the least bit entertaining to you, you’re not alone. Smith’s recent work has been met with mixed reviews but at least films like Red State and Tusk looked mildly intriguing at worst. Yoga Hosers looks like a crack-addled fantasy filled with imbecilic sexual innuendo. Not to mention, watching anything new with Johnny Depp (Black Mass being the lone exception) has been a gamble for a number of years already.

It’s a real shame because Kevin Smith is still an unbelievably funny guy. Go listen to some of his podcasts. They’re hysterical. Just prepare to curb your expectations of Kevin Smith’s work during the Yoga Hosers trailer. This makes the new Ghostbusters movie look good watchable. Check out the trailer and comment below (if you dare).

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