Christine Trailer Released

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced sensationalism in the local news. It’s no secret that certain networks skew their content to further their own agendas and rake in viewers. In less than a month, Antonio Campos’ new film, Christine, is set for release to bring a chilling, biographical look at a television news reporter.

The film stars Rebecca Hall as real life reporter Christine Chubbuck during her career in the 1970’s. In the trailer, Chubbuck is shown as an awkward, yet dedicated, reporter who is told to juice up her stories to boost ratings. She does this by dropping taboo comments on-air which seem to shock and surprise her superiors and guests. In doing so, her life and relationships soon hit a downward spiral.

It’s difficult to elaborate more on Chubbuck without ruining the overall story. Since we’re keeping this spoiler-free, research Chubbuck’s story at your own peril. Either way, Christine looks extremely intriguing. There’s such an interesting story to be told and Campos’ two previous features, Afterschool and Simon Killer, both boasted some dark subject matter of their own.

Rebecca Hall has mostly been a supporting actress in the past but she will be the focal point this time around. Even from the trailer, it’s hard not to be drawn to her performance. Also starring in the film is Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall (no relation).

Christine premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to good reviews. It’s set for theatrical release on October 14th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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