Deadpool “No Good Deed” Teaser Released

As far as we’re concerned here at Cinema Smack, we’re not sure that there could be any better news than visual confirmation of Deadpool 2. The first taste of the film isn’t an actual teaser trailer. It’s a short film entitled No Good Deed.

Anticipation for the new film flew through the roof earlier today when No Good Deed hit the web due to star Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account. Apparently, this version is an extended scene of what has been showing before Logan, Fox’s new X-Men spinoff, in theaters. Of course, the “Merc with a Mouth” references this by mentioning the character and speaking in a bad Australian accent a la Hugh Jackman. Logan is also the film playing at the movie theater in the background of the scene. Clever.

While No Good Deed doesn’t appear to be an actual scene from Deadpool 2, it’s still worth every second. The first film banked heavily on viral marketing to generate interest and it paid enormous dividends. There’s really no reason for Fox or the filmmakers to stray from that strategy. Either way, seeing new live action scenes of the character in any capacity is exciting. As per usual, Deadpool drops some bad language, engages in an uncomfortable situation, and makes pop culture references. He even makes light of Stan Lee’s penchant for cameos in Marvel films. The teaser simply makes us all remember how much we love Deadpool in the span of its brief runtime.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled for release sometime in 2018. Check out the No Good Deed teaser and comment below.

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