Dunkirk Trailer #2 Released

For those who may not know, we love Christopher Nolan here at Cinema Smack. Since the massive success of The Dark Knight trilogy, basically Nolan has been able to do whatever he wants. Every time he’s set to release a new film, it can be considered an event. Earlier this weekend,, Nolan’s second Dunkirk trailer hit the internet and, as per usual, the film looks to be an event.

In the past, we already went over the historical event that the film is based on. The Battle of Dunkirk saw over 330,000 Allied troops being evacuated following a Halt Order from the German army who had been closing in on their enemies. It was a risky tactic that paid massive dividends for the Allies in World War II.

As more footage of this new film surfaces, it simply looks like a war epic. Being familiar with Christopher Nolan’s work, we all know that it will be an epic. Nolan’s penchant for lengthy, complex films makes it a near certainty that the film will go all out to impress.

One thing that is kind of strange about this Dunkirk trailer is that there’s actually a lot of talking. After about halfway through the trailer, the characters’ lines seem somewhat tacked on. This isn’t necessarily damning as trailers are cobbled together from scenes from the entire movie. Yet, whoever edited this particular trailer made some odd choices in terms of what to include. Ultimately, though, a minor complaint about the trailer does not hamper expectations of the film. It will be an event no matter what.

Dunkirk is set for release on July 21st. Check out the new trailer and comment below.

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