Isle of Dogs Trailer Released

Surprisingly, there’s a name that has been mentioned very rarely at Cinema Smack thus far: Wes Anderson. Last summer, we posted an In Case You Missed It Review of Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, one of our favorite animated films, but, other than that, his name hasn’t been mentioned here. Well, that’s finally about to change as the first trailer for his Fantastic Mr. Fox-esque stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, has been released.

What’s most appealing about Anderson’s work in general is how original, quirky, and simply weird it can be. His dry humor isn’t for everyone but the writer/director does have a cult following. His last effort, 2013’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, was nominated for nine Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and nabbed four. While Isle of Dogs is definitely going to be different from his last film, the trailer still boasts the usual Wes Anderson flair.

Set 20 years in the future, the plot consists of a dog flu that breaks out which results in all of the dogs being exiled to “Trash Island.” A young Japanese boy hijacks a plane and flies there to find his lost pet. Like most of his films, Anderson’s cast is absolutely ridiculous. Regular contributors and newcomers alike are abound in this film. Big names like Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, and Liev Schreiber all lend their voices to the movie. Though, there are some noticeable absences with Jason Schwartzmann and neither Luke nor Owen Wilson being cast. Either way, for Wes Anderson fans, Isle of Dogs should be a must-see.

The film opens in theaters on March 23rd, 2018. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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