Justice League Teasers Released

Well, this one will be ongoing over the course of the next day or so. The new trailer for Justice League is set to release on Saturday. Until then, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have started dropping brief Justice League teasers spotlighting each of the heroes. Each hero will be getting their own fifteen second teaser clip released separately over the two day lead-up to the trailer.

While the teasers are understandably short and show very little, it’s a smart way to build hype for the subsequent trailer. As we all know, DC has done a great job with their promotional tactics on their recent properties. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad benefited greatly from their promotion, yet, were critically slammed. Obviously, DC is looking to turn around their fortunes with Justice League. 

The first teaser released was for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Again, there isn’t much to see but there’s an interesting moment where Batman hands Aquaman his trident. From the San Diego Comic-Con trailer released in July, we know that Ben Affleck’s Batman is the one putting the group together. Also, it must be stated that Momoa is definitely convincing in a role that has been often relegated to a joke in popular culture.

Next up is Batman. This one is a bit of a surprise because, as usual, Batman is the crown jewel of DC. Sure, Superman is arguably in contention with the dark knight. Though, Batman is the character with the most recent track record of success in film. He was even the best part of both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad despite being a minor character in the latter film. In this teaser, we see more of the same. Affleck has been an awesome Batman and we even get to see him shooting down a parademon with the Batmobile.

Of these first three, unfortunately, The Flash has the weakest teaser. Given, fifteen seconds isn’t a lot of time to spotlight a character. Ezra Miller killed it in his first appearance as the character in the Comic-Con trailer. His witty banter with Bruce Wayne provided some much needed fun for the DC Extended Universe. While this teaser shouldn’t discourage fans, it just shows less action than the other two but still highlights The Flash’s powers.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the first hero to get a teaser today (March 24th). Like Affleck, Gadot was, surprisingly, one of the best things about Batman v Superman. Wonder Woman’s inclusion in the film seemed a bit desperate at the time but she received nearly universal praise. Rightfully so, her teaser shows her doing what she does best: being awesome. Of course, we’ll all have the opportunity to see the Amazonian princess in her solo film this June ahead of Justice League too.

One person we have yet to see in extended action is Cyborg. However, we finally have our first look at him. Ray Fisher appeared in Batman v Superman in a brief clip as the character. Though, he was in pieces. Here, we get to actually see him in the flesh. He doesn’t speak or interact with any of the other heroes but he does look like a force to be reckoned with. There’s not much else to say about him at this point. Cyborg should be a crucial piece to Justice League’s success or flop.

Apparently, that’s all for the Justice League teasers. Given the outcome of Batman v Superman, it’s understandable that a Superman teaser wasn’t released. However, you can definitely bet on Henry Cavill being in the film. Either way, these teasers were a good move for Warner Bros. and DC. After the massive critical failures of their previous two films, Justice League could get the DCEU back on track. We only have a few months to wait as Justice League comes out on November 17th!

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