Logan Trailer #2 Released

The more footage you see from the newest foray into the story of Wolverine, the better it seems to get. Such is the case with the newest Logan trailer.

We’ve already discussed early impressions of the film and, unlike today’s Power Rangers trailer, Logan keeps looking better and better. This film seems to be much more stripped down than the other films in the X-Men series. The focus seems like it will be on Hugh Jackman as he has stated that this is his final appearance as the character. It’s also nice to see that Patrick Stewart is along for the ride. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was also his last appearance as Professor Charles Xavier.

Unfortunately, the X-Men franchise has been an absolute mess over its lifespan on film. The poor usage of characters, the time traveling, the spinoffs, etc. have all hampered the heroes. For one of the most iconic superhero factions of all time, they certainly haven’t fared well in cinema. Hopefully for Jackman’s last hurrah, they can finally give him the type of film that he deserves.

No matter how Logan plays out, the film appears to have a somber tone and it certainly fits the situation. Jackman and Stewart have been two of the lone standouts of the series and, even in the trailer, it’s sad to see them in the condition they’re both in.

The film opens in theaters on March 3rd. Check out the new Logan trailer and comment below.

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