R.I.P. Michael Massee (1955-2016)

On October 26th, 2016, Michael Massee died at the age of 61. As of yet, no details of his death have been released.

Massee has been seen frequently in film and television since his screen debut in 1991. Never a leading man, Massee played smaller roles in films like Se7en, Lost Highway, and, more recently, The Amazing Spider-man and its sequel.

Perhaps what the actor is most known for, though, is the death of actor Brandon Lee. On the set of 1994’s The Crow, Massee’s character, Funboy, was supposed to shoot Lee’s character, Eric Draven. Tragedy struck when the prop gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks actually fired a live round from the barrel striking Lee. After hours of surgeries, Lee later died at the hospital on March 31st, 1993. The death obviously struck Massee hard and caused him to take off for over a year from acting.

All respects go to Michael Massee’s family and friends.

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