The Beguiled Trailer #2 Released

Back in February, we got our first look at Sofia Coppola’s new western/thriller, The Beguiled. Now, the second trailer for one of our most anticipated films of the year has been released.

Adapted from a 1966 Thomas Cullinan novel, A Painted DevilThe Beguiled centers on a wounded Confederate soldier, played by Colin Farrell, who is found and nursed back to health at an all-female boarding school. He seduces the women at the school who then begin to turn on each other before setting their sights back on him.

This is the focus of the new trailer. We see as Farrell’s character double-crosses Kirsten Dunst’s when he messes around with another woman from the school. This event seems to set off the chain reaction for the matriarch (Nicole Kidman) to exact revenge on behalf of the women scorned.

As we mentioned in our last write-up on the film, The Beguiled is actually a remake. The original 1971 film starred Clint Eastwood before he became a superstar and was a flop due to poor marketing. Over the years, it has established a following though. By the look of the trailer for the remake, it seems as if it will be an uncomfortable and, potentially, brutal experience. The subject matter is dark and the cast looks great.

The Beguiled opens in theaters on June 30th. Check out the new trailer and comment below.

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