The BFG Trailer Released

Every few years it’s time for a new big screen adaptation of a Roald Dahl novel. This July will see the release of The BFG. That’s the Big Friendly Giant not the Big Fu… well you know the rest.

Over the weekend, the official trailer was released for the film and *suprise, surprise* it does look quite magical. As a family film directed by Steven Spielberg, you’d expect nothing less.

However, for all the nice imagery and pretty colors in the trailer, it actually has a very strange pace to it. The whole trailer builds to the reveal of the giant’s face but has very little substance beyond that and there isn’t much given away in terms of plot for the film. There are a number of awkward silences before the reveal and it just makes the whole trailer feel a tad bit awkward. That being said, the plot from the Dahl novel is about an orphan girl who befriends a giant  and together they must catch other man-eating giants.

Of course, this is a Steven Spielberg film and it’s being produced by Disney so it should at least be worth a watch. The film also reunites the director with this past year’s Oscar winning Best Supporting Actor Mark Rylance. Rylance won the Oscar for Spielberg’s film Bridge of Spies and he’ll be taking on the role of the giant in The BFG.

The film has already made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival and has received generally favorable reviews so far. Check out the trailer, comment below, and see the film for yourself on July 1st.

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