The Deuce Trailer Released

As if there weren’t already enough great television shows to keep up with. Now, HBO is set to premiere another one. With Game of Thrones‘ time wearing down, the premium cable network needs to restock its series lineup and The Deuce looks as if it will be a great start.

The show, created and written by former police reporter David Simon (who also created The Wire) and George Pelecanos, will center on the legalization and rise of of the porn industry in New York City. It will also explore the HIV epidemic, drug use, and fluctuations in real estate of the times.

James Franco pulls double duty as twin brothers, Frankie and Vincent Martino, who operate as fronts for the mob out of Times Square. Maggie Gyllenhaal also stars as Candy, a sex worker turned porn star following its legalization. While these are the two most recognizable names in the cast, there are plenty of familiar faces including David Krumholtz, Ralph Macchio, Michael Rispoli, and Method Man.

While The Deuce may not fill the fantasy drama hole that will eventually be left behind by Game of Thrones, it definitely looks intriguing. It brings back a crime drama feel from shows like The Sopranos and The Wire with a type of Boogie Nights spin on it. HBO always does a good job with their original series so there’s not much of a reason to think that this new show won’t be a hit.

The Deuce premieres on September 10th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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