Phantom Thread Trailer Released

Well, the time has come. Back in June, we posted a career retrospective on the ridiculously talented Daniel Day-Lewis who announced his upcoming retirement from acting. Now, the first trailer for what’s supposed to be his final appearance on film has been released. Day-Lewis returns to the big screen for one last go-round with director Paul Thomas Anderson in Phantom Thread.

The film’s plot follows renowned dressmaker, Reynolds Woodcock (Day-Lewis), in 1950’s London. He meets a young woman named Alma (Vicky Krieps) who becomes his inspiration and lover. As per usual with Anderson’s films, there’s an elegance to his cinematography and storytelling approach. It feels somewhat reminiscent of Anderson’s 2012 film, The Master.

Sadly, though, this feels like a very poorly thrown together trailer. We constantly get clips of different scenes clashing with dialogue pulled straight from the movie. The problem is that none of the dialogue seems like it actually comes from the scenes being shown. It’s understandable that the editor is trying to get the film’s plot across but it seems very cut and paste. Of course, with Anderson being the master filmmaker that he is, no one should be too worried about the trailer at this point. There’s a very good chance that the film lives up to the quality expected from the director and will be a suitable swan song for a legendary actor.

Phantom Thread is set for release on December 25th. Check out the trailer and comment below.

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